PJL Schmidt Custom Home Builders

PJL Schmidt is committed to providing a full-service, streamlined, professional home building experience. We treat your home as if it was our own and our team of professionals will guide you through the process with skill and care. Our desire is to partner with people who want to build their dream home and we will ensure that the experience is an enjoyable one.

We must also, give thanks and acknowledge God for establishing and sustaining our work through the years, we are humbled and grateful to Him. Ps 136:1

Paul Ludwick

Paul Ludwick has been in Colorado since 1986 and has developed a reputation as one of Northern Colorado’s premier homebuilders. Paul and wife, Patti, began their journey as builders after serving as General Contractors on their personal home in 1998. After completing their home, the building process was so enticing that in 2001, Paul decided to leave his career in the corporate world in order to found PJL Custom Homes. A proud feature of the business for Paul and Patti and all of its stakeholders is their effort to include the customer throughout the entire building process, from concept through final delivery.

Patti Ludwick

Patti Ludwick has been in Northern Colorado since 1986 and along side husband, Paul, raised 3 children. After she and Paul served as General Contractors on their personal home and ever since the founding of PJL Custom Homes, Patti has served as the design expert for the business. By providing clients with personalized service to fit each homeowner’s taste and budget, Patti facilitates the selection of each design element spanning the whole project schedule all the way from architectural review down to final delivery of the home. Along with assisting on financial draws for each client, Patti also consults on every selection from paint colors, tile, cabinets, lights, and counter tops, among many others. In her free time, Patti enjoys being a grandmother to three granddaughters, spending time with friends and family, and volunteering in the community.